Fire & Water Restoration throughout the State of Maine

Serving Portland, South Portland, Augusta, Bangor, Auburn, and Presque Isle since 1977 as one of the top janitorial companies.

Water damage

Tragedy can happen at any time. Maine's weather is very unpredictable and you need to be sure if tragedy befalls you that you know your options. Central Maine Cleaning will be there to help your home or business to get back to its original condition. Timing can be critical in a flooding and water damage situation. Any delays can cause greater property damage and mold issues. We make sure we handle your emergency fast, accurately and are available for you 24 hours a day for your emergency.
We work hard to ensure the following is done:
  • Emergency Water Extraction
  • Carpet cleaning and restoration
  • Drying and Dehumidification

Fire and Smoke Damage

During your emergency, we work to remove the damage from smoke and fire. We clean and sanitize the premises affected by your tragedy and work to restore your life back to the way it was. We work hard to ensure the following is done:
  • Odor removal
  • Smoke damage restoration

Water Drying Equipment Rental

Do you have water damage? Has water gone to places in your home or business it should not be? Sometimes you need a complete restoration company to come in and take care of the problem, but sometimes the job is small enough that you can do most of it yourself. We can help and you can save a lot of money along the way. Sometimes all you need is the right equipment. Central Maine Cleaning can provide some of that for you. Give us a call, 990-3811 and we can discuss your situation and figure out what may be best for your specific situation. There may be a drop off and pick up fee for equipment. We can discuss what you might need and try to find the best solution to your problem. Don't hesitate to call, we are here to help.

LGR Dehumidifier

Daily Rental - $100.00/day – These large dehumidifiers can cover up to 1,000 sq. ft. If you have a portion of your home or business that has been wet the most important thing you can do is get it dry. The LGR Dehumidifier will make that possible. Not only does this machine remove moisture from the air, but it also has a fan to move the air in the space around which is vital to drying out a space. This piece of equipment allows the user to have a direct drain to a sink, window or drain to remove the moisture from the area. This unit has a module to monitor the percentage of moisture in the air and you can also log the information on a SD card should you need to report information to your insurance company. Sometimes you need someone to come to do the job for you, but sometimes doing it yourself can save you some money as well.

Rotational Air Mover

Daily Rental - $23.00/day – This air mover is good for air movement over a floor or along the base of a wall or under items that cannot be moved. A great feature of this air mover is the option to attach a cavity hose to allow for air to be directed into a ceiling or behind a wall without having to remove the entire wall. A hole must be made, large enough to fit the 4” hose. Turn the fan on and let the air do the rest. This little fan can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars because if you dry out behind the wall quickly you may not have to cut out sheetrock or wood areas. The cavity hose can be used for an additional $10.00/day to attach to rotational air mover.

Axial Air Mover

Daily Rental - $28.00/day – These air movers are excellent for air circulation. This fan can be placed to move air along the floor or push air up towards the ceiling to create a circular air movement in a room. These fans are highly efficient to maximize air movement and dry out an open space. They can be utilized to dry out rooms, floors or areas that are confined, and will allow for good air circulation. This is the most commonly used piece of equipment when it comes to drying out a wet area. It often is necessary to have more than one device to make sure proper air is moving through an entire space effectively.

Hydroxyl Generator

Daily Rental - $215.00/day – A Hydroxyl Generator is used to eliminate odors. Odors can be difficult to eradicate. Ozone Generators are well known, but they can be harmful to plants, people, pets and content within an area. The great thing about a Hydroxyl Generator is the fact that you can still live in a space while it is working. Often times with an Ozone Generator you must remove yourself from the premises while it is working. Insurance companies often will pay the higher rental price of a Hydroxyl Generator because you do not have to stay in a hotel, but you can live right at home or continue to work. A Hydroxyl Generator does take longer to work than an Ozone Generator, but they are highly successful in eradicating pet, smoke or other unpleasant smells within a structure. A Hydroxyl Generator works by converting Oxygen in the air to Hydrogen to neutralize the smell completely.